John Cruz

I love to teach…. and practice what preach. The picture to the left shows is me 20 yrs ago; I have made it my life journey to promote sustainable lifestyle change.
Education / Certification
15yrs experience
Certified Personal Trainer with IFTA
Certified Nutritional Coach / Lane Norton
CPR Certified
Geriatric Mobility and Flexibility
Strength Training
Sports and Agility
Fat and Weight loss
Nutrition and Lifestyle changes

Carter Tuck

Hi everyone!  My name is Carter Tuck. I am a certified personal trainer at GoodBodies 24/7 Fitness.  I am a graduate of The University of Mississippi where I received a degree in Exercise Science with an emphasis in Sports Medicine and Nutrition.  My passion in life is to help people change their lives in the simplest and most realistic way possible. I believe everyone should have access to professional fitness advice accompanied by the results to be happy with themselves; inside and out!  Not only will I help guide you in the right direction through the development of a customized exercise training program, I’ll also coach you to develop a healthy and nutritious lifestyle.  So, take my hand and let’s do this together. I’m here to be your personal guide every step of this journey. Together we can implement effective solutions to improve your health and wellness!

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